Three-Dimensional Learning:

Kids Gym Get Moving! Physical activities to burn that boundless energy, plus build flexibility and strength, develop balance and coordination, and encourage agility, rhythm and overall fitness to launch a lifetime of healthy habits.

Kids Gym Brain Boost! Designed to expand the mind and develop a love of learning, these exercises foster sustained concentration and decision making, prepare for or reinforce school lessons, and nurture problem-solving ability and creative expression.

Kids Gym Citizen Kid! These activities teach life skills like sharing, working in a group, listening and leadership—all skills that translate to a well-adjusted, well-rounded super kid.

Membership Plans

Kids Gym have various plans for enrollment of your kid(s).

Introductory Classes are

Plans & Their Fees

Enrollment Periods Fees (Rs.) Offer/ Discounts You Pay After Discount(Rs.)
Annual / Yearly 30,000/- 40% 18,000/-
Half Yearly 15,000/- 30% 10,500/-
Quarterly 7,500/- 20% 6,000/-
Monthly 2,500/- Nil 2,500

Special Plan : Family Plan

Family plans are available for those who is enrolling more than two children. Please enquiryat the front desk for more information