Kids Gym Get Moving! Physical activities to burn that boundless energy, plus build flexibility and strength, develop balance and coordination, and encourage agility, rhythm and overall fitness to launch a lifetime of healthy habits.

Kids Gym Brain Boost! Designed to expand the mind and develop a love of learning, these exercises foster sustained concentration and decision making, prepare for or reinforce school lessons, and nurture problem-solving ability and creative expression.

Kids Gym Citizen Kid! These activities teach life skills like sharing, working in a group, listening and leadership—all skills that translate to a well-adjusted, well-rounded super kid.

Our Programs

Kids Gym will be India's premier experiential learning and child physical development centre for kids ages three years through 10 years. Each week , progressively structured classes and a positive learnoing environment create opportunities for your chld to try new things nand build self-confidence, all with a grin that streches from ear to ear.

A Kids Gym

A Kids Gym program will help build your child's character by giving them the confidence to new things! Children can endow great physical benifits. From muscle strenght and balance , to healthy bones and flexibility, gm providees an exciting option for parents who know the value of a full workout.

Aerobic : Fit Loose

Aerobic activiity gets your heart pumping and your lungs working harder. It also may make you sweat. Aerobic exercise helps your mind and mood, too. How it releases"feel-good" chemicals into your body.When you can, get outside and move in nature.

Yoga Bees

The bustling peace of our children's live can have a profound effect on their innate joy and usually not for the better. I have found that yoga can help counter these pressures. When children learn techniques for selft health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, they can navigate life challenges with a little more ease. Yoga at an early age encourage self esteem and body awarmenss with physical activity that's noncompetitive. Fostering cooperation and compassion.

Awesome Birthday Bash

A Birthday Party at Kids Gym A dream come true! (1 – 12 years) Fantabulous. Splendiforous. There just aren’t enough synonyms to describe how awesome an Awesome Birthday Bash truly is. So, let’s see if this sums it up: Parents magazine named Kids Gym the #1 place to host children’s birthday parties. Your group will have the whole place to yourselves with games, music and fun activities created especially for your birthday kid. Our trained team will lead all the fun and Kids Gym team will handle everything from setup to cleanup, which means you get to go home to a clean, quiet house when all the fun is done. It’s no surprise that many parents tell us an Awesome Birthday Bash is a big wish come true for them, too. Party slots are available on Saturday and Sunday. And they’re very popular, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Cooking classes

Kid GYM offers non-fire cooking classes to children and teens is a safe learning environment that encourages discovery & creativity. The programme encourages socialization, team building & self confidence while providing a solid foundation of culinary skills and nutritional awareness. Our pricing is reasonable and the teachers are warm, welcoming & very enthusiastic.


Harness your child energy & prepare them for the future. Age appropriate activities such as gymnastics skills, tumbling and group games build self esteem, while your child makes new friends & learns to cooperate and shape. Beginning, intermediate tumbling and apparatus skills are taught in a non-competitive environment ensuring complete safety standards.

Martial Art

We offer the best in Mixed Martial Art and elite Fitness & Conditioning. We specialize in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, taekwondo; Karate & Judo taught by a professional and dedicated coaching staff. We'll help you get in world class shape, learn a martial art, or become a competitive athlete All of the Kids Gym Programs will help you to: Lose weight and body fat by burning up to 1,000 calories an hour, Get fit, healthy, and toned, Learn the art of self-defense for the real world Inherit more confidence, self-discipline, mental strength, and focus Release stress, feel rejuvenated, and increase your energy level Meet different people and make new friends Invariably, we believe that these benefits will translate into success in other areas of your life. Get started today!

KRAVMAGA - Children fitness and self-defence training course

These days, with violence on the rise and bullying becoming more and more common, both the educational system and parents face difficulties in handling violence directed at children. It is essential that young people acquire skills, abilities, techniques and tactics to cope with any unexpected confrontation inflicted upon them. The training program will teach basic defensive skills, and is not intended for or taught under a competitive environment. The Kids program has several age groups so that students can feel comfortable learning with other students their own age. While self-defenceis a very large our program, it’s not the only part. Subtly ingrained in every class are lessons on functional physical fitness and the importance of practical life skills. This program shows kids that they don’t have to choose between being nice and being tough. They can be both.


Children will enjoy motor development & rhythmic activities, group games, tumbling, movements, exploration, songs and ball play activities. Classes end up with bubble stamp & smiles ! The child attends these classes with one parent or guardian.